Why I Photograph

The fears, joys and experiences that accumulate in each of us over a lifetime ultimately make us into who we are and what we believe.  In my life so far I have seen and worked in a great number of jobs.  Briefly, I am a classically trained pianist that also has worked as a sailor, cook, farmer, lumberjack, pilot, truck driver, teacher, computer programmer, CIO, and last but not least - photographer.  Thus, my subconscious has become a large cauldron of experiences all mixed together into a great big jumble where every picture I take is the sum total of those experiences. 

An image then usually starts with some little tug in my subconscious telling me that something in front of me needs to be captured and shown to the world.  It does not really matter whether it is the quirkiness and humor of people going about their lives, the power and purity of nature, the statements made by architecture, the world of the small, or the grey and dreary urban sprawl that is all too common.  All my work, regardless of the subject, is a reflection of who I am and each image addresses the need for my subconscious to make a statement.

I photograph using digital as well as film in both color and black and white as I find each type requires very different approaches and different mediums are better suited to a certain types of photography.  Common to both however, is the need for me to learn to listen to and tap into my subconscious and to bring together the vision in my mind’s eye with the finished work. 

I hope you find the work enjoyable.  If you want to contact me for any reason please use the Contact Form here.

Jannik Plaetner